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We are affiliate marketers and mobile experts

We are affiliate marketers and mobile experts! We are developing mobile services since the area of the old feature phones. We delivered black and white logos, wallpapers and ringtones already 10 years ago. Now, we are developing state of the art mobile services for our affiliate partners. We know affiliate marketing. Which means we know what tools will help affiliate marketers. Therefore we have made it our mission to create user friendly tools that improve the affiliate marketing experience to optimize revenues. We are providing high end technology in the modern world of mobile marketing.

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Media Content Delivery
Mobile Internet streaming, Applications for Mobile App Stores and Communication tools - we deliver.

"Our Content Delivery Network (CDN) infrastructure is fully redundant, supported by two of the world’s largest CDN providers offering geographically load-balanced servers in North America and Europe. Our goal is to provide content as quickly as possible to our customers, no matter where they are, with the highest quality real-time streaming services possible.

Our CDNs support tens of thousands of streaming videos each minute, in high definition, without sacrificing quality.

Thousand of app installs for iPhone, Android and Window devices are generated on a daily basis. Providing high class entertainment software.

Our communication and interaction sites allow the endusers to stay in touch and communicate with each other. The social approach is key and we wnat to bring the people together which should be together."

Testimonials What they say

Carmen Wilson
Website Operator

Thanks guys for the great efforts in the last 12 months. It was a real pleasure to release the new mobile project and I am more than happy with the current user interactions.

Vivian Sproche
Website Owner

The new mobile version is perfectly optimized and my users are getting a great experience. Great software!

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Registration Date: 28 January 2010
Address: 22 Kalipsous Street, 3rd Floor, Flat/Office 6 , 2014 Nicosia, Cyprus
Director: Karine Manukyan
VAT Registration number: 10261607Z


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